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What people say...
''The session shaped my understanding of how journalists worked and in particular, the difference between a press briefing and a radio interview. It has helped me understand my strengths and the things I need to watch out for... Thank you, thank you, thank you.''

''The coverage really is superb and that's in a massive part down to the amazing work from you - it's made such a difference.'' 

''Excellent constructive feedback, clearly based on genuine experience.''

''I cannot emphasise enough how good your advice was.'' 

''RNA Media training is extremely useful in preparing for a variety of public performances. It has truly helped me represent my company in a better way.'

''Very good - useful and took account of our requirements. Trainers were well prepared.''

''Focused, engaging and very useful.'''

''I enjoyed the experience and expertise of the trainers, challenging us and helping us grow in our roles as spokespeople.''

To contact us email RNA@davidderbyshire.co.uk or call 07824 473921