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What we do

We offer a range of media training and communication workshops to suit your needs.

We design and deliver courses to help scientists, doctors, charities, NGOs, students, universities and businesses working in the health and science sector.

Our trainers are experienced journalists who have worked for the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and other national papers and who know the tricks of the trade and who can help you deal confidently with the media and handle TV, radio and press interviews.

We can show you how to identify your key messages and prepare for hostile questions. We can help you improve your communication skills so that you reach the widest possible audience.

We can also teach you how to write better press releases that journalists actually read, and show you how to improve your chances of getting stories into the media.

Whether you want a half-day workshop, or a two-day training course, each session will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our trainers will talk to you at length in advance to ensure that you are getting the support and coaching you need.

To find out more, please drop us an email or give us a ring.

To contact us email RNA@davidderbyshire.co.uk or call 07824 473921